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A Better Vaccine Is Coming

I hope for healing. This year has gone mad and if there is any hope of a return to normal I'm all for it. With talks of companies...

We Need A Guide

Isn't this what life feels like at times? Storms, whirlwinds and trembling. I certainly feel that right now.

There Is No Turning Back

There is a point of no turning back. Once you've crossed that line and the decision is made, you stand in the land of freedom. Or fear. ...

Repairing The World

There is a concept within Judaism called, "Tikkun Olam," (תיקון עולם) meaning to repair the world. Today this is practiced among Jews.

The Not-So-Distant Shore

There seems to be a bit of hope. Could it be that somehow the Coronavirus fog may be lifting? This weekend many states have started to...

Time For Transition

Right now our world is going through the fog. You and I, and the rest of our world, is in transition.

God Goes Before

Well, we are certainly in new and uncharted territory. We have been navigating the mitigation efforts, flattening the curve, and...

A New Day

Sunday always feels like such an arrival day. Our orientation in America is that Sunday finishes off the week. It is the day to go to...

Lamb Selection Day

Welcome to the time warp. It is such a strange season to be in. I've officially lost all sense of day, time, and season. Do you ever...

A Lamb Rides Into Jerusalem On A Donkey

It sounds like a setup for a bad joke: "A lamb rides into Jerusalem on a donkey." But, that is exactly what happened. A coronation for...

Seventh Day Rest

A good day of rest yesterday with the family, playing games, making homemade pizza, journaling and reading. In the moments of pause,...

This Too Shall Pass

I'm writing this reluctantly, and probably even under protest. It's not to meet some deadline for an editor, but I simply don't want to...

Peace, Be Still

It sure doesn’t feel all that peaceful out there right now. As wars, and rumors of wars, have taken an apparent backseat in the headlines...

Provision By The Numbers

We are all waiting on something. Our underlying anxiety, or let's be honest, my underlying anxiety, is that I won't get what I need.

Lest We Forget

Puppies are equal parts glory and destruction. Our black lab Sawyer fully lives into this narrative of glory and despair. He seamlessly...

Living In The Grace Of Today

The Israelites are on month one of forty years and the food brought with them from Egypt is now gone.

There Is No Roadmap

Life is nothing like Google Maps. It's not even like the Thomas Guide. There is no roadmap.

The Wilderness Generation

The truth is, we are all on a journey. Depending on when the question gets asked will determine where you are at in your journey.

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